1. Biggest Mergers in History, Part 1

    Here at Chad J Robinson PLLC, we offer business law services in Boca Raton, along with other legal services as well. Business law is a convoluted field, so it is always best to have a professional in your corner to guide you through major business decisions. One of the bigger decisions that a growing company can make is whether or not to move forward with a merger opportunity. Historically, merger…Read More

  2. Biggest Mergers in History, Part 2

    Here at Chad J Robinson, we offer help with business law in Boca Raton and the surrounding areas. One aspect of business law that we are knowledgeable in, and can help with, is mergers. Mergers can be beneficial for businesses for a variety of reasons. You only need to look at history to see plenty of examples of successful mergers from the past. In fact, here are the top biggest mergers in world …Read More

  3. Business Formation FAQ

    If you are looking for a business lawyer in Boca Raton, then give Chad J Robinson a call at your earliest convenience. When it comes to your business, you want to be sure everything is done legally and efficiently. This ensures a maximum return on investment for your efforts. When it comes to creating a new business, or business formation, the steps you take can greatly affect your ability to grow…Read More