1. The Many Reasons For Slip And Fall Accidents

    It doesn’t take much for a slip and fall to occur regardless of where you are. Literally, anywhere you can walk, you can slip and subsequently take a dive. While it may not seem like a big deal, slip and fall injuries can be serious and permanent fairly easily. In fact, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), it is estimated that slip and fall accidents account for…Read More

  2. The Most Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents

    If you are someone who owns a motorcycle, it is likely that you have heard multiple times how dangerous they can be. People are seriously injured or even killed in motorcycle accidents much more often than they are in vehicle accidents. In fact, over 80 percent of all motorcycle accidents end in the injury or death of the motorcyclist. If you want to try and protect yourself the best you can, know…Read More

  3. When To Hire A Boca Raton Personal Injury Lawyer

    If you have been injured in an accident, you may have been considering whether or not you should hire a personal injury lawyer or not for quite a while. While this may seem like a logical thing to consider, we are here to tell you that you need to hire a personal injury lawyer if you have sustained any sort of serious injuries due to the negligence of someone else. Personal injury lawsuits are com…Read More

  4. What to Do When Hail Damage Hits Your Boca Raton Home

    Hail can do a lot of damage to your property and unfortunately, we're no strangers to this kind of storm in Boca Raton, especially in the face of a hurricane. The clumps of ice can rain down on your house, car, and even on your head if you happen to be caught outside. The devastation that they cause can be intense, resulting in thousands of dollars in damage to your personal property. Your car and…Read More

  5. Most Common Personal Injuries Claims in Florida

    It's difficult to compile exactly how many personal injury claims are filed in the United States every year, but estimates range from 400,000 to 700,000. What we do know is that about 95% of them are settled outside of court, meaning only a few thousand cases ever make it to a courtroom. As a personal injury lawyer in Boca Raton, we've handled our fair share of these cases and know the life-chang…Read More

  6. The Advantages of Working With a Personal Injury Lawyer

    We forget how much of a toll injury or sickness can take on our lives, until it happens. When you remember how much of an inconvenience the common cold can be, it can practically be unimaginable to think of how difficult life with a more significant illness and injury can be. In these moments, it can feel like the only thing on your mind is how to get better, and get back to life as it once was. Y…Read More