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The Advantages of Working With a Personal Injury Lawyer


We forget how much of a toll injury or sickness can take on our lives until it happens. When you remember how much of an inconvenience the common cold can be, it can practically be unimaginable to think of how difficult life with a more significant illness and injury can be. In these moments, it can feel like the only thing on your mind is how to get better and get back to life as it once was.

Yet in the process of focusing on getting better, one of the other things that should be considered is responsibility. This is crucial because someone could potentially be liable for covering the costs that have accrued due to your injury. Take a look at some of the benefits that can come from working with a personal injury lawyer, and contact the legal counsel at Chad J Robinson, PLLC, today. Whether you’re in need of a business lawyer, insurance lawyer, or help with a personal injury dispute, our law firm is the place for you.

Do I qualify for a personal injury lawyer?

Before getting into why working with a personal injury lawyer can make an extraordinary difference in your life, it’s helpful to have a working definition of what these types of cases entail. A personal injury case involves suffering an injury due to an accident or negligence, and you have no fault in the matter. If you were walking in your backyard and tripped, you would technically be at fault (even though you didn’t mean to fall, no other source has caused harm to you). Additionally, if you tripped and fell in a friend’s backyard, or some other space, but suffered no extreme or life-altering injuries, you probably wouldn’t go to court over the matter.

However, if you were involved in an auto accident that was not your fault, and have since acquired some significant injuries or medical needs, this might be time to seek legal help. Auto insurance covers damage to the cars, but it does not entail medical bills or anything else that you might be dealing with in the aftermath of your injury. This could also include if you were biking or were a pedestrian involved in an accident with a motor vehicle.

In the aforementioned example of tripping, if you experience an accident on a property that is host to a dangerous or hazardous situation, this might also be cause for working with a personal injury lawyer. More than anything, if you have suffered a significant injury that was the fault of someone or something else, a personal injury attorney might be able to help. Here are some of the ways that a law firm can help:

You can get the financial assistance you need.

More than anything, a personal injury lawyer is sought out if your injury is substantial enough that you are now having to seek medical attention. Even if you can afford to pay for it, you were not responsible for the event, and should not legally have to cover the medical expenses associated with your injury. It’s like if you broke a neighbor’s window—you would pay to replace it. By not having to pay for the additional medical costs, you are alleviating financial stress, which can help immensely to not only put your mind at ease but to getting well.

You could experience peace of mind.

Building off of that last point, when you’re injured, your main focus should be getting well. If so much of your energy is devoted to figuring out if you can afford necessary procedures, it will be detrimental to your health and overall progress. We know that stress is bad for the body, and while we all experience stress, this is a time when it can be completely eradicated, simply by not having to worry about medical costs.

You might set a precedent for the future.

Most have heard (and probably rolled an eye or two at) the case of Stella Liebeck, otherwise known as the lady who sued McDonald’s for coffee that was too hot. Yet what many don’t know is that McDonald’s had over 700 other complaints regarding the temperature of their coffee, and that Liebeck suffered third degree burns. Further investigation showed that other restaurants served their coffee at 135-140℉, whereas McDonald’s had been serving it at 180℉—over 40 degrees warmer than an already really hot cup of coffee.

Liebeck’s case won once it went to trial, and subsequently changed how McDonald’s served their beverages. Your case might be especially successful if others have experienced something similar, and you could very well end up changing things for the better.

There are so many reasons why it could be beneficial to work with a personal injury lawyer. No matter which reason(s) resonates the most with you, Chad J Robinson is the personal injury attorney you want to work with. We are committed to bringing justice to you schedule a free consultation with our legal services today.