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Out-of-state attorneys often face unique challenges when taking on cases in jurisdictions beyond their usual turf. From unfamiliar local rules to unrecognizable courtroom cultures, the path to victory can seem fraught with hidden obstacles. However, there's a strategic move that savvy out-of-state attorneys are making to turn these challenges into advantages—partnering with local counsel.

Our Florida attorney at Chad J. Robinson, PLLC can prove invaluable to you if you are an out-of-state lawyer seeking to partner with local counsel. We have spent years handling legal matters in Florida’s courts. Our legal team can provide you with the in-depth knowledge you need to successfully resolve your legal matter.

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Benefits of Having Local Counsel Assist with Your Case

The intricacies of local laws and court procedures are often underestimated. Navigating these effectively can mean the difference between a strong performance and critical missteps. Local counsel can help you avoid missteps in addition to providing other benefits, including:

  • Local counsel can provide a significant home-court advantage.
  • Local counsel is well versed with local court rules and customs.
  • Local counsel is familiar with the judges and arbitrators likely to hear your case and can prepare you effectively.
  • Local counsel has extensive knowledge of local resources for case preparation and litigation support during discovery and trial.
  • Local counsel has a deep understanding of the community and potential jury members if your litigation involves a jury trial.
  • Local counsel is likely to know or be known by the opposing counsel, which can be crucial for pre-suit mediation, settlement, and trial preparation.

Our local counsel's nuanced understanding of Florida’s laws, court procedures, and the preferences of local judges provides out-of-state attorneys with a strategic edge. This knowledge is not something that can be glossed over in a brief reading of state statutes or courtroom rules. It's a depth of awareness that only comes from years of established local practice.

Local Counsel’s Role in Federal Court Cases

If you are an out-of-state lawyer involved in a federal court case in Florida, you will require local counsel’s assistance to appear in the case pro hac vice. This is because the rules of federal court require that co-counsel admitted to practice in the district submit the pro hac vice motion. This is due to the fact that the motion must designate a member of the court’s bar to perform the following tasks:

  • File through the court’s electronic filing system
  • Communicate with the court and opposing counsel
  • Accept service filings
  • Maintain responsibility for electronically filing and serving through the CM/ECF

All these tasks can be performed by our local counsel as long as he is designated by name and contact information in the motion to appear pro hac vice.

Our Florida Local Counsel Can Provide You with Smart, Strategic Assistance

If you are from out of state, let our Florida business, personal injury, and insurance litigation attorney serve as your local counsel and assist you with important aspects of your case. We have what it takes to give you a strategic edge in your legal battle.

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