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5 Factors To Consider When Choosing a Property Damage Attorney

Broken boats are piled up after hurricane Irma hits Florida in 2017.

When your property has suffered significant damage, you may feel overwhelmed trying to figure out where to start. Understanding the type of property damage you have and knowing how to choose the right attorney can help you get the best outcome for your case.

What You Should Know

Understanding the following terms is necessary when choosing a property damage attorney:

  • Real Property is a term typically used to refer to land, including structures and minerals above and below the earth’s surface.
  • Personal Property is a term used to refer to any movable or intangible property item of value capable of being owned by a person and is not recognized as real property, such as a phone or a vehicle.
  • Property Damage is defined as injury to real or personal property.

Read on to learn what factors you should consider when choosing a property damage attorney.

1. Local Experience

Stick to attorneys who practice locally in your area; this will help you narrow down the scope of your search and prevent you from choosing an attorney that will have to travel out of state to take your case, which will be more costly. Selecting an attorney from your same state or area will increase the likelihood of them being familiar with the local property damage issues, cases, and insurance companies.

2. Property Damage Experience

Make sure you choose an attorney with experience and success in property damage claims. If they specialize in property damage litigation, they will be better equipped to assess your unique case, navigate the claims process, and fight to get you what you deserve.

Some attorneys may have more real or personal property damage-specific experience. Depending on your case, choosing an attorney with the right expertise can provide an extra edge in your lawsuit.

3. Shared Values

Choose an attorney that you trust to treat your case like their own. The ideal attorney will be compassionate during your case and aggressive and efficient in fighting for you. Having a good working relationship with your attorney and faith that they are making every effort to win your case as quickly as possible can provide better peace of mind during a difficult time as you try to maneuver through the complexities of a lawsuit.

4. Cost

When faced with expenses from property damage, the thought of paying for an attorney who may or may not get you the results you deserve can be daunting. Avoid attorneys who charge hourly or based on some other pay-for-time metric; instead, opt for an attorney that operates on a no-recovery, no-fee basis.

5. Reviews

Check the attorney’s reviews. While law firms or attorneys can control their messaging and positioning on their website and in person, reviews from people like yourself are a better indicator of what working with a specific attorney or law firm will look and feel like.

It’s Time to Hire a Property Damage Attorney

Unfortunately, property damage claims are not only common but can be tricky to navigate. Understanding what factors should be considered when choosing the best property damage attorney for you and your claim is the first step to getting the help and representation you need.

At Chad J. Robinson, PLLC we’ll help you explore your legal options and advocate aggressively for you throughout the claims process. With over a decade of experience and success, stellar client reviews, and a no-recovery, no-fee approach, you can trust that we’ll handle your case like it was our own.

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